PulpTunes updates to 1.0, awesome new interface.

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Added On: 4th Dec 08
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The ultimate webserver for iTunes, PulpTunes, has just upgraded to version 1.0 final, with a brand new look!

If you’re an iTunes user, whether on Mac or PC (or even Linux*) you can now stream your library anywhere in the world.

Access your music via the web with PulpTunes

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Added On: 21st Oct 08
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pulpTunes is a Web server for iTunes, letting you access your music
through the Web. Written in Java, it runs on Windows and Mac, and even
any other platform like Linux, provided you have an iTunes-like XML
library file that points at the path of your music files.

The web interface allows you to:
– Select a playlist
– Browse by genre, artist and album
– Download songs
– Each song has a link, that you can send to a friend to hear it.