FAQ: Playlist to show recently initiated songs. [half-solved]

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Added On: 31st Oct 09
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One reader has asked if it’s possible to create a playlist similar to “Recently Played”, that lists all songs played, even if they did not run through to the very end.

The “Recently Played” playlist that comes with a fresh install of iTunes, will only count a song as “played” when it successfully reaches the end of the track. For this reason, if you were to skip the last few seconds of playback, the song would not appear in the playlist, even though you’ve virtually listened to the whole thing.

The Solution

In order to achieve this, iTunes has an attribute for each track called “Last Skipped”. We can make use of this to create a new Smart Playlist (Ctrl+Alt+N) called something like “Recently Played or Skipped”. In the Smart Playlist creation window the pops up, duplicate the following settings:


One problem with this method, is that when you begin playing another song, the currently playing song does not appear to show up in our new playlist. However, pressing the “next track” button does cause it to be saved. I assume there’s no work around for this, but as always, If there are any better suggestions from you – our users – please feel free to comment, and help each other out!