Comparison of iTunes Song-Fixers.


Added On: 8th Sep 09


There are loads of these applications popping up, each promising to fix all your song names, artwork, track numbers etc, but which is the best?

Lets have your opinions or nominations in the comments.

The list so far:

TidySongs [link]

  • I only noticed this one recently, and as yet have heard nothing about it.

FixTunes [link]

  • From what i’ve read on other forums etc, this company has appauling customer service once they have your money. It’s also been reported that it doesn’t do a great job.

iTunes Store File Validator [link]

  • Thanks to a commenter below for the heads up.

TagScanner [link]

  • Read the short review at DownloadSquad, or leave your opinion below.

You may have noticed that some of these programs often show up in the google ads to the right of this page.

* None of these links are affiliate links, so i stand to make no gain whatsoever, whichever i may recommend.

4 Responses to “Comparison of iTunes Song-Fixers.”

  1. RedIon says:

    I’m a fan of iTSfv for fixing tags, but for batch editing MP3s, I only use TagScanner.

  2. Eric Mendsen says:

    Try “Tune Up Companion”…It was developed specifically for iTunes (very recently support was added for Windows Media Player) and from my somewhat limited experience,it is pretty accurate. The caveat…the information generated ( titles,albums,album art,etc) is only visible in iTunes…In other words,the original “root” file is left untouched. If you use an iPod or iPhone,it could prove to be very useful! Another program I have just purchased and started fooling around with,is Zortam’s Mp3 Studio Pro…it has the same features as Tune Up does ( and MANY more) and works right on the root file.

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  4. Shaker says:

    I tried TuneUp Utilities … it’s great when it works – which is about the first two times you run the program. After that it just freezes, and freezes iTunes too. I tried it twice with a full uninstall in the middle, and it did the same thing both times.

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