FAQ: Hide “Genre” in iTunes 8 under XP or Vista. [solved]

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Added On: 7th Mar 09


There used to be an option in the Preferences panel to Hide Genre when browsing, which changed the layout of the “browse” (Ctrl+B) panel to just 2 parts – artist and album. In iTunes 8 however, it proves to a little more tricky.

If you’re using a Mac, here’s how you fix it.

Thanks to Ocram’s Blog, we now have a solution:

  1. Close iTunes
  2. Open the iTunes Application Data folder*:
    • In XP: “C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes”.
    • In Vista: “C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes”.
  3. Backup the “iTunesPrefs.xml” file by creating a copy named “iTunesPrefs.xml.backup” or similar.
  4. Open the iTunesPrefs.xml file in a text editor (eg *)
  5. Scroll down to the following line: <key>User Preferences</key>. Below this line is this line: <dict>. Immediately below this line, paste in the following:


  6. Save the file, and restart iTunes.
  7. Enjoy Genre-less browsing!

* The easiest way to get here is by typing “%appdata%” in the Run Command (Windows+R).
** NotePad++ is recommended by both me and the original post author.

Note: Thanks to the anonymous commenter for letting us know!

See posts with the “iTunesPrefs.xml” tag to see what else you can do with this!

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