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Added On: 27th Jul 08

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Unlike for audio content editing metadatas in iTunes is very limited for video content. You can’t enter a description nor is any of the information actually saved inside the file itself which makes readding it to a pain. Previously mentioned AtomicParsley solves all these problems, but most people don’t like the idea of editing maybe hundreds of files on the command line. On Macs the problem has been solved by the power tool Lostify, but on windows there are only some very limited guis for AtomicParsley.

Because of this I created my own interface which covers almost everything Lostify can do. The only two exceptions are the genre flag (Only important to Movies, while Lostify is mostly a tv show tagger. However you can set it from inside iTunes) and the actor/director informations which only matters for AppleTV users. It also supports Templates for Shows or Movies, so you can easily load the correct metadata and artwork of your episodes from one of the existing template files instead of having to type everything yourself (I uploaded a demo template for the first season of LOST here).

You can download the application here.

Please feel free to suggest further additions and comments.

8 Responses to “Metadata for video content”

  1. DigT says:

    Thanks for this it looks great. I tried to run it and it wants zlib.dll. I went to and they offer zlib1.dll to download and note that the old zlib.dll has compatability and build problems.

  2. Andrew says:

    What about an explicit and clean label for music?

  3. Brian says:


    thanks! i run it but the software wants zlib1.dll, can you help me with the problem?

  4. Marshall says:


    I don’t envy you now that you seem to have a good bit of freeware. You might end up having to support it… ;-) I am new to this degree of interest in iTunes metadata.

    It worked doing something that I would have thought obvious and yet have not found but for your program. This might be due to my only quick testing of other windows programs.

    It required me to have the two additional files in the same directory or just above the files I was working on… I might be able to figure out an easier install, but it worked for my testing. As I have tested a few I looked for zlib.dll and found it in WinAmp, some HP diag, and other subdirectories. It was not a problem for me. So using or “testing” some other programs might help.

    I hope to use it to ID the videos I buy that are “music videos” and convert to Mpeg-4v. As you well know iTunes does not seem to save this part of the metadata. I might also try it on some audiobooks I’ve converted, it might work for the artwork which does not seem to save. Thanks! If there are other ways to do either of these operations, I am curious so please suggest them.

  5. M says:

    Nice GUI but it cant fine the atomicparsely exe. What path is it looking for? I have the EXE in the same Dir are your GUI.

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  8. I believe one of your commercials caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

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