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Added On: 15th Jul 08

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Let’s face it: Almost nobody bought all their music in the iTunes Store. Whether it’s imported from CDs or bought in another online music store – the non-iTMS-tracks always look a bit different in iTunes: There are no advisory tags and there’s no copyright notice in the “Get Info” window. While the latter isn’t really important to most people advisory tags mixed with non-tagged Tracks might bother the neatly iTunes user.

Most people solve it by hiding advisory tags all together (Preferences -> Uncheck “Show content rating in library”), but there’s another solution: Meta-Data-Editor atomicparsley (Command line only!) makes it possible to save the rating inside your files just like apple does it. The catch in this case would be that all your music has to be in the new MPEG4-format (ACC/m4a), but if you are an iPod User this shouldn’t make a big difference for you anyway (in fact the new format has various advantages over mp3).

Now let’s get to business: If you want to tag your files correctly you need to download atomicparsley and also you might want to use my scripts so you don’t have to type in stuff on the command line yourself. There is one for tagging as “explicit” and one to tag as “clean“. To get the thing working you have to put the atomicpasley.exe-file in the same folder as the scripts or in your windows-directory. If you are ready to go you just need to select the tracks you want to tag in iTunes and run one of the scripts. There will flash a couple of black command-windows and once they are gone everything is set. But first you need to force iTunes to reread the track-tags. To do so just open the “Get Info” window of each track (or open for the first track in an album and press “Next” until you reach the last track) and once you close it iTunes should show you your newly tagged files. Congratulations to a more iTMS-compatible library.

22 Responses to “Set Advisory Tags”

  1. You can also rescan all the track tags by running the Update.js script.

  2. henrique says:

    and how i take off the explicit or clean tag of the track?

  3. Lydell Anderson says:

    Henrique, you can replace the “clean” or “explicit” in the script with “*” to remove what AtomicParsley gives it

  4. Anonymous says:

    can’t download scripts

  5. Andrew G says:

    Does anyone know of a program that will compare your CD to the iTunes store to see whats explict and whats clean automaticaly? I’m not very good with words so I’ll explain it again just in case I said it wrong.
    You run the program and it will automatically add the explict or clean tags according to the iTunes store.

  6. Zach says:

    For some reason this isn’t working, and an error message pops up instead.

  7. Kyle says:

    In theory this would be a very useful thing to have, but without instructions on how to run a script this is actually quite useless.

  8. Kyle says:

    Nevremind I got this wokring, thnaks alot

  9. Justin says:

    Where’s the link to download the fickin’ scripts? :P

  10. Roy says:

    This will put the red explicit label on the track in iTunes, but explicit restriction for iPhone in general settings doesn’t seem to work still. The tracks still show up when they are restricited. Any ideas on why this happens?

  11. Okra says:

    Woooo it works!!

    Bananas and chocolate pudding for you mate!! <333

  12. Steve says:

    I don’t get it. When running the script I see an invalid parameter message in the command window. However, I see the Parental Advisory image in the track info screen, but I do not get the EXPLICIT label in the library listing. I’m using iTunes 10.4. I have the Show content ratings in library option turned on. Any suggestions?

  13. JustCurious says:

    I got the same problem as Steve.

    The tracks are marked as explicit, but iTunes DOES NOT SHOW THE TAGS. I’m using v10.5 (just released a few days ago). I will try to see if v10.1 shows them. If it does, then there is a problem with the new versions and Apple needs to be notified (by as many people as possible or else they won’t take us seriously)

  14. Kstr79 says:

    Open iTunes, Select the AAC/m4a song you want to mark explicit, run the set explicit script, right click the song and select get info. Voila!

  15. Bradley says:

    Wow. For days i have been trying to do this and first of all I must say your an ABOSOULUTE GENIUS! It works perfectly for me!! :) and thankyou so much!

    Secondly I may be able to help those having trouble to do it:

    *NOTE* before you start on my little tutorial I dont know how to remove the tags but only delete the song and drag the original back into itunes

    1. You must make sure the song/s are in .m4a format as it will not work for .mp3. To change an .mp3 to an .m4a you have to right-click the song/s and click “Create AAC version”. Itunes will take some time to do this but eventually it will happen and will create a duplicate of the of the song but in .m4a (it is easier to delete the old .mp3 so you do not get confused).

    2.Download Atomicparsely from: and use winRAR to get the files.Put the files on your desktop

    3. Download the explicit and clean tags: <— explicit <— clean
    Also put both of these on your desktop

    4. You now have to put the explicit and clean scripts into the atomic parsley folder.

    5. On iTunes click the .m4a song/s and then bring up the atomic parsley folder and simply double click on the explicit or clean script.

    6. Lastly right click the song and click 'get info'. The tag should appear.

    Once you've done this you'll find it amazingly simple and hopefully I helped!

  16. josh says:

    I had to rename my .js files to .jse for it to work.
    working great thanks guys :)

  17. Brian says:

    Bradley and/or whoever created this tutorial you guys are awesome, i have been irritated with this issue for years and now you have given me a simple way to fix it. Thanks a lot!

  18. Yoz says:

    Thanks bro… but as for me, I can see the tag only beside the song but I didn’t see a little red e tiny logo beside the song in the top… :) any other solution?

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  20. Matt says:

    Thank you for the tutorial Bradley! It worked great. :)

  21. userscripts says:

    I really like your writing style, fantastic information, thankyou for posting : D.

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