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Added On: 6th Jan 08

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Full list of keyboard controls (for Windows). This list covers them all – from [Enter] to play a song, to [Ctrl+Alt+Down], which mutes the volume…

Let me highlight a few in particular: “Snap window to screen size”, “Reshuffle the current playlist” and “Toggle artwork”.

Play the selected song [Enter]
Plays to the next album in a list [Shift][Ctrl][Alt][Right]
Plays the previous album in a list [Shift][Ctrl][Alt][Left]
Create a new Smart Playlist [Shift][+]
Reshuffle the current playlist [Shift][Shuffle Button]
Delete the selected playlist immediately [Ctrl][Delete]
Delete the selected playlist and all the songs listed in it [Shift][Delete]
Check or uncheck all the songs in a list [Ctrl][Click checkbox]
Expand or collapse all the subfolders and lists [Ctrl][Click triangle]
Snap window to screen size [Shift][Double click the title bar]
Refresh the Radio or Party Shuffle list [F5]
Next Music Store Page [Ctrl][]]
Previous Music Store Page [Ctrl][[]
Mini Player [Ctrl][M]
Stream audio from a URL [Ctrl][U]

File Menu:
New Playlist [Ctrl][N]
New Smart Playlist [Ctrl][Alt][N]
New Playlist with selected songs [Ctrl][Shift][N]
Add File [Ctrl][O]
Close Window [Ctrl][W] or [Alt][F4]
Import… [Ctrl][Shift][O]
Get Info [Ctrl][I]
Show File [Ctrl][R]
Show File that is currently playing [Ctrl][L]
Print [Ctrl][P]

Edit Menu:
Undo [Ctrl][Z]
Cut [Ctrl][X]
Copy [Ctrl][C]
Paste [Ctrl][V]
Select All [Ctrl][A]
Unselect All [Ctrl][Shift][A]
Preferences [Ctrl][,]

Controls Menu:
Play / Pause [Spacebar]
Next song [Right]
Previous song [Left]
Next Chapter [Ctrl][Shift][Right]
Previous Chapter [Ctrl][Shift][Left]
Increase volume [Ctrl][Up]
Decrease volume [Ctrl][Down]
Mute [Ctrl][Alt][Down]
Eject Disc [Ctrl][E]

View Menu:
Toggle Browser [Ctrl][B]
Toggle Song Artwork [Ctrl][G]
Toggle MiniStore [Ctrl][Shift][M]
Toggle Visualizer [Ctrl][T]
List View [Ctrl][Alt][3]
Album View [Ctrl][Alt][4]
CoverFlow View [Ctrl][Alt][5]
Video/Viz: Half Size [Ctrl][0]
Video/Viz: Actual Size [Ctrl][1]
Video/Viz: Double Size [Ctrl][2]
Video/Viz: Fit to Screen [Ctrl][3]
Video/Viz: Full Screen [Ctrl][F]
View Options [Ctrl][J] or [Right click on a column heading]

7 Responses to “iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts”

  1. stoonsTombose says:

    this bonus ;)

  2. Ted says:

    Great tips – thanks! Another good one is [Shift][Click] on the first and last songs in a list to automatically select all of the items in between.

  3. reinhard says:

    How do I transfer music to a IPod using keyboard shurt cuts only I am blind and cannot use the mouse.

  4. pete says:

    Hi. I’m also visually impaired. I’m guessing there is no short cut to skip within a track, or seek slider as i believe its called. I can’t find a reference to it anywhere but if you know how i’d really apreciate it if you could tell me. Many thanks

  5. Doc says:

    I feel so much happier now I udnretsand all this. Thanks!

  6. Adam says:

    Hi. I’m also a blind user…. Is there a way to stop playing the currently played song? Not to pause it, to stop it completely.

  7. Bessie says:

    Lovely just what I wass searching for. Thanks to thee author foor taking his clock time on this one.

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