A Note on DRM for the Everything iTunes community

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Added On: 3rd Sep 08
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Not too long ago there was a software program listed on this site called “Requiem”. [more]

Burn an MP3 CD with Folders

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Added On: 3rd Feb 08
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Have you ever wanted to be able to burn your own mp3 CD’s in itunes for use in your CD or home CD player. iTunes has had this functionality for a long time, but what many of you may not know is that iTunes also has the ability to organize your tracks into folders based on album. That way you can use the album + or album – buttons on your CD player to skip albums. It’s like haveing a CD changer even if your player only accepts one disc. The process is very simple. [more]

Show more iPod storage details in iTunes graph

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Added On: 24th Jan 08
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When iTunes 7 came out, Apple competely redesigned the iPod section in iTunes. You can now look at all the different kinds of files on your iPod using the bar graph at the bottom of the page. [more]

Mutiple Libraries in iTunes 7

Added On: 24th Jan 08
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iTunes 7 has added the much wished-for ability to manage multiple music libraries. To create a new library simply hold down the option key when you launch iTunes and you’ll get the option to create a new library or choose the library you want to load.