PulpTunes updates to 1.0, awesome new interface.

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Added On: 4th Dec 08

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The ultimate webserver for iTunes, PulpTunes, has just upgraded to version 1.0 final, with a brand new look!

If you’re an iTunes user, whether on Mac or PC (or even Linux*) you can now stream your library anywhere in the world.

Front-end Features:

  • Download songs with right click.
  • Supports MP3 and AACs
  • Displays cover art if found
  • Skips missing or unplayable tracks flawlessly.
  • Full integration with Party Shuffle
  • Generates links to send songs to your friends
  • Manual buffer level.. read below

Back-end Features:

  • Automatically detects location of iTunes XML file (or manual path entry).
  • Detects firewall presence and network connectivity.
  • Hugely reduced memory footprint.
  • Ready to use straight away – no configuration necessary for local use.
  • Program prompts you how to get going.
  • Customise the footer with any text you like.
  • Command line mode also availabe for running on a server.
  • Logs usage and other info.
  • Open Source
  • Installers for Windows and Mac, and available for Linux etc.

I particularly love the buffer feature which allows you to specify how much to download before the song will begin playing – ideal if your internet is glitchy or unreliable, yet wastes no time waiting when you’re connected over LAN.

Screenshot (click for larger image)
pulpTunes screenshot

* Linux users obviously can’t run iTunes, but simply need an iTunes XML file which points to the files.

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