iTunes Key Utility v2.0 [Watch Movie Rentals for 30 Days]

Added On: 27th May 09
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Since the launch of the itunes movie rental section many users have complained about the short 24 period to watch a movie after one has bought and started watching it. Fortunately I have found a way to extend the life of your itunes movie rentals to a full 30 days, rather than that measly 24 hours allotted by default. To use just download the Applescript. Be sure to read the instructions before using. This is an update to a similar script I uploaded before.

Changes From v1.0 to v2.0

-changed backup directory so no longer need admin access

-removed the “run script prompt”

-there is now only one script rather than two

Download iTunes Key Utility For Mac_v2.0

[A note to apple’s lawyers, this script is completly legal as it executes just a simple file copy operation and does not hack or modify the itunes application in any way. In addition it does NOT prevent the rental from expiring it just gives users a much more reasonable time to watch their movie. After all when one rents a movie from Nexflix they can keep it as long as they want until they return it for a new one. Why should iTunes users have to rush though their rented movie?]

PulpTunes updates to 1.0, awesome new interface.

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Added On: 4th Dec 08
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The ultimate webserver for iTunes, PulpTunes, has just upgraded to version 1.0 final, with a brand new look!

If you’re an iTunes user, whether on Mac or PC (or even Linux*) you can now stream your library anywhere in the world.

Front-end Features:

  • Download songs with right click.
  • Supports MP3 and AACs
  • Displays cover art if found
  • Skips missing or unplayable tracks flawlessly.
  • Full integration with Party Shuffle
  • Generates links to send songs to your friends
  • Manual buffer level.. read below

Back-end Features:

  • Automatically detects location of iTunes XML file (or manual path entry).
  • Detects firewall presence and network connectivity.
  • Hugely reduced memory footprint.
  • Ready to use straight away – no configuration necessary for local use.
  • Program prompts you how to get going.
  • Customise the footer with any text you like.
  • Command line mode also availabe for running on a server.
  • Logs usage and other info.
  • Open Source
  • Installers for Windows and Mac, and available for Linux etc.


Access your music via the web with PulpTunes

Added On: 21st Oct 08
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pulpTunes is a Web server for iTunes, letting you access your music
through the Web. Written in Java, it runs on Windows and Mac, and even
any other platform like Linux, provided you have an iTunes-like XML
library file that points at the path of your music files.

The web interface allows you to:
– Select a playlist
– Browse by genre, artist and album
– Download songs
– Each song has a link, that you can send to a friend to hear it.

Spice up Your iTunes Collection With GimmeSomeTune

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Added On: 3rd Sep 08
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Freeware iTunes add-on GimmeSomeTune automatically fetches missing album artwork, lyrics, and automatically embeds them in your music library. The program [more]

A Note on DRM for the Everything iTunes community

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Added On: 3rd Sep 08
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Not too long ago there was a software program listed on this site called “Requiem”. [more]

Ourtunes Update, version 1.7f [download music from itunes shares]

Added On: 5th Aug 08
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This is the latest version of ourtunes a software that allows a person to download songs from itunes shares. Released on July the 23rd, it includes some bug fixes and some new features such as [more]

Easily Control iTunes with Keyboard Shortcuts and Have Instant Access to Other Common Features with TotalTunes Control

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Added On: 10th Jul 08
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Shareware application TotalTunes Control is an all-in-one iTunes controller and add-on that rolls track notifications, integration, Growl notifications, keyboard shortcuts into one beautiful, and fun to use package. [more]

Download YouTube Videos to your iTunes library & iPod with TubeSock

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Added On: 27th Jun 08
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TubeSock grabs YouTube videos from the web and copies them to your video iPod, iPhone, appleTV, Mac, or even PlayStation Portable.  [more]

Rip DVD movies to your ipod or iTunes library with freeware utility Handbreak

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Added On: 26th Apr 08
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HandBrake is a GPL’d multi-platform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter. It is designed to allow a user to Rip their DVD movies or TV shows to mp4 files playable by itunes and/or their ipod. There are many different presets to choose from for encoding, including ipod & itunes optimized ones as well ones for the apple TV and iPhone.

Copy files off your ipod onto your Mac or iTunes with freeware utility iPodDisk

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Added On: 15th Apr 08
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iPodDisk is an elegant little free utility that opens your iPod up in Finder just like it was a normal drive. [more]